That Really Funny Girl That Belle


Let me introduce myself. My name is Bellamy Woods. But, most people call me Belle. I am a 25 year old young professional living in the wonderful urban/metropolitan city of Boston, Massachusetts.

I am originally from Carlsbad, a small beach town in California. I know…what you are probably thinking…why did I leave the year-round sunny weather of the west coast to the cold wintry weather of the east coast? Honestly, beyond the beaches, there is nothing much in my small provincial town. It’s quiet, mostly filled with retirees and families and small businesses. Other than the spring break seasons, every morning is the same. There is no opportunity of mobility for someone like me. I always envisioned myself living in a big city on the east coast filled with excitement and mystery and I wanted a sense of adventure to that great wide somewhere.

So upon  graduating high school, I managed to convince my father that I needed to get out of California for a while. Believe me, it was a difficult choice to leave my home especially my father at first.  Since my mother died of cancer when I was twelve, he and I have always been a team.. Because I am all he has,  he is  overprotective and tried to convince me to go to a college within the California borders. But he eventually came to terms that it was time for me to gain my independence and strike out on my own and fully supported my decision.


I chose to move to Boston to attend Emerson College because they have the best program in  creative writing and publication. Since  then, I instantly fell in love with the city  because of its nice mixture of urban metropolitan  and historical charm. Also, everything is accessible by public transportation, unlike California where you need a car.

Outside of school,  I enjoy hanging out with my best friends, Holly and Danni. We often like to go out to lunch and go shopping (especially on Newbury street). They are amazing girls whom I can confide in and they always have my back. Holly, originally from New Orleans, works in a charity called Teen Line that helps homeless teenagers get job training skills (she is such a humanitarian with a southern charm!). Danni, who is Massachusetts resident, works in a women’s health clinic (another do-gooder!) .

I also have a wonderful boyfriend named Ben Adams. We’ve been together since my first year of college. He has spiked dark brown hair and brown eyes with a scruffy face. Ben has an extremely athletic stature and goes to the gym on a regular basis. Ben currently works for his father’s financial company, Adams Mutual as an asset manager.

On the side, he sings with his band, A1 with his friends, Mark and Christian. His music was key the reason that really attracted me to him.


In my spare time when I’m not studying or hanging with friends, I am a book worm and enjoy getting myself lost in a book. I would actually spend my money more on books than clothes or shoes or handbags. You would often find me at the Harvard Bookstore perusing through books (and later purchasing them online…I like a good deal!)


I also own a Maltese Pooch named Phillipe. I saved and adopted him from a local animal shelter. He and I spend every Sunday in the dog park. We would also take a walk around Somerville in the evenings. On rainy days or some cold winter nights, we cuddle on the couch and watch either a romantic comedy or my favorite TV drama.

After graduating with my degree in publishing,  I decided to stay in Boston to further pursue my dream of discovering the next greatest American novel.

While in pursuits of this dream, I found a temporary job to pay off the bills, feed myself…and take care of student loans.

Tomorrow, I will start my new job as the front desk receptionist at JLS solutions. According to a little google search, JLS is currently ranked as one of Fortune 500 notable companies in the world.  The company, founded in the early 1990s by a husband and wife team Nick and Georgina Byrne, is best known for creating software products and mobile applications that promote facility and waste management. Since their inception, JLS has grown internationally and their products are sold across the globe, particularly in Europe and Asia.

I am anxious because this is the first time I am working in a private sector company, coming from interning and working part time at non-profit and public sector jobs throughout college. I am worried how I will fit in. I did come from a Massachusetts liberal arts college with the strong message of social justice. I am also a strong feminist who is a believer in gender equality, empowerment and especially active in political campaigns. How I am going to work for a huge corporate company like JLS whose sole focus is making a profit and selling products? Am I supposed to bottle it all up?

Tomorrow is my first day. Wish me luck!

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