Turns out, Holly was right. As the days went by, the employees at JLS were slowly getting used to the new girl at the reception’s desk  and learning how to open up to me. Reciprocally, I overcame my shyness and show who I am to my co-workers and eventually make new friends.

I have become really good friends with Lumiere and Frankie on the Accounting team.  Lumiere is  very warm and sweet like a teddy bear. He calls me his rainbow because I brighten up his day.  Lumiere has three kids who are away in college and now lives alone with his wife outside the city. We work together on recording invoices and issuing subscription certificates.  He always wishes me good night when he leaves the office.  Sometimes he calls me Mademoiselle whenever he hands me things to do.  Frankie is not as warm as Lumiere but she is quite talkative. She is a single mom with one son and they live with her boyfriend. We click on various TV shows especially Scandal.

However, the people I truly connected with are from the technical side of the company, oddly enough considering I don’t use that part of my brain that often. They are Pippa, Simon, Duncan and Davina who works in product development. We would all sit together at lunch and talk unless Pippa has a big project that makes her eat at her desk. Both Simon and Duncan are hilarious. They are both originally from Poland and have distinct eastern European accents. Simon provides technical assistance to clients and business partners on how to better use JLS products and organizes webinars and classes. Duncan helps Pippa in the IT department.  Simon and Duncan would get in these heated debates with each other regarding current events and make fun of each other and complain about their families and food…more or less the lack of milk and cream and certain type of tea in the office kitchen.

Pippa has especially become my new work buddy. While she is a focused and dedicated worker, Pippa definitely has a sparkling and bright personality. I can talk to her about anything especially past work experiences and my family and our likes/dislikes. She talks a lot about her six year old son and has his drawings pinned up in her cubicle. I would tell her stories about Phillipe too.  Although she is in her late 30s, Pippa has been at JLS for 10 years. That is definitely a long time to be at one company especially in today’s working world.  She sometimes works late at nights even after I leave and occasionally works on the weekends, which makes me wonder when she has time for herself or even her family.


I also get a sense that Pippa is willing to look out for me in this office and become someone I can confide in and seek advice. Particularly, Pippa told me to make sure I tell her anything if I am experiencing any problems or struggles at JLS whether it’s with Miranda whom I now have to call Mrs. Potts or someone else. Either way, I’m glad to finally have found a friend in my corner.  Maybe we could be like Emma and Jane Fairfax from Emma Approved!

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