I feel pretty…but unpretty

Since working at JLS, I have had my share of good days and bad days. It all seems depends on whatever I am wearing that day and if I meet the approval of a certain employer.

Mrs. Potts has particularly, been critical and has commented on various occasions on my outfits. One time, I wore this short-sleeved t-shirt patterned vest and she pointed out to me that it was not ironed and reprimanded that I was representing the company in a bad way. I felt really bad that I disappointed JLS in a negative way (after that day…I never wore that top again…and paid extra attention the next morning to my outfit). The worse part, she told me this early in the morning and I sit in the guilt all day…when I personally wished I could go somewhere and hide. Or I should have made a quick trip to Macy’s and bought a whole new outfit.

On a separate occasion, I wore this black and blue stripe long blouse/dress with tights that I thought was appropriate since it was very covered (granted my tights had some rhinestones near the bottom ) …Mrs. Potts did not say a word but looked me up and down with a stern look on her face…a silent message stating otherwise.

However, there would be times where I did dress according to Mrs. Potts’s standards of approval or whenever she says I looked “cute”. Most of those  dresses were a little above the knee or long sleeved blouses with a pair of grey pant or cotton dresses with tights.

When I confided Pippa about this, she told me I was not alone. Mrs. Potts would be critical of every female employee’s outfits, particularly those who worked under her. She once scolded the previous receptionist for wearing faded jeans to the office. Mrs. Potts also would constantly criticize Fearne for wearing a sleeveless blouse a couple of times, until Fearne got sick of it and stood up to Mrs. Potts, telling her “I don’t work for you, I work for Mr. Cogsworth”.

On another occasion, Mrs. Potts even scolded Frankie for wearing skirts that were deemed too short and sleeveless blouses. She told Frankie that her outfits would give the wrong impression especially among the men in the office. (Yeah really?) Frankie said she only wore a sleeveless blouse once…because the air conditioner broke in her office.

I guess she does want to maintain make sure the employees are dressed to the best especially in front of clients and business partners. As I mentioned before, JLS strongly maintains an air of professionalism. I just need to go on a little shopping spree this weekend and make some professional and personal investments.

This rule, however, seems to only (and unfairly) apply to the employees who work on the sales and finance side. The software engineers, apparent, can wear whatever they want even jeans on a Monday because their technical skills are so valuable and they rarely have to interact with clients face to face and only interact with each other and….a computer screen.

Sigh…where is Nigel from Runway Magazine when you need him?

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