It’s A Small World After All

After a long week of 40 hour work days, I  truly cherish the weekends. I get to sleep in and eat brunch. I take Phillipe out to the dog park and let him play with his friends. I go out with Holly and Danni. We would  usually go pamper ourselves with manicures and pedicures or Holly would cook us lunch full of delicious Southern food. At night, I would go on dates with Ben. We would go see a movie or he’d take me out to dinner. This past weekend, however, was quite…eventful…more like awkward.

Ben invited me to have lunch with him after his squash game. He asked me to meet him at the Pemberton Racquet Club on Winter Street so we could head over together to Chinatown for Pho. After some shopping, I made my way to the sports club.

However, upon entering, I was immediately caught off guard. Because, of all people to see, sitting at the front desk is Tyson Knightley.

“Hi Tyson,” I greeted trying to contain my surprise.

“Hello Belle…what brings you here?” he was clearly surprised to see me enter as I was to see him.

“My boyfriend plays squash here and I am meeting him for lunch after his game.”

“Oh,” he sounded even more surprised…that I have a boyfriend. “Who is he?”

“Ben Adams.”

“So…um…how long have you and Ben been together?”

“Since freshman year of college, so about five years,” I answered.

“Oh…he’s one of our most loyal members,” Tyson commented, his eyes widened a little bit behind his glasses.

“Well squash is one of his favorite sports,” I said offering Tyson a smile. I thought I saw him smile back, but before I could catch him, he immediately looked back at his computer.

“So this is your second job,” I said trying to make conversation.

“Yeah,” he  answered, clearly stating he was busy. Despite wearing a more casual outfit of a black t-shirt and jeans, he still acted business-like.  Sigh.  I began skimming through the health magazines the club had at the front reception area to kill time.

After what felt like a long five minutes, Ben finally came out. I was very happy and relieved to see him.

“Hi Belle,” he greeted hugging me and giving me, a kiss. “I see you’ve met Tyson.”

“Hi Ben. Actually Tyson and I work together at JLS Solutions.”

“Oh really?” Ben looked over at Tyson whose eyes were at his computer.

“Yeah,” Tyson said not looking up.

“He  has been a great mentor to  me and helped  me familiar with how the  company works,” I explained, hoping Tyson would appreciate the compliment.

“I see. Small word isn’t it?” Ben said.

“Yes very small indeed,” I glanced over at Tyson. “Are you ready to grab some lunch?” I asked turning back to Ben.

“Definitely. I am starving,” Ben said.

“Here is your parking reimbursement,” Tyson said handing Ben, a sheet of paper before going back to his desk.  I could not help but noticed that he sounded a little nervous as if he was intimidated by Ben.  Usually, Tyson acted very confident when speaking with business partners and clients and other employees especially at JLS.

“You must have had a work out,” I smiled at Ben. He then took my hand. “It was nice seeing you, Tyson,” I said looking back over.

“Nice seeing you too,” Tyson said looking up briefly. Ben and I then left the sports club and made our way to Chinatown towards Pho Pasteur.

Once we arrived at the restaurant and sat down, we immediately ordered pho. While we were eating, I noticed Ben was unsually quiet and kept his face down and just eating his noodles. Normally, he’d start talking non-stop about his job, new songs he’s working with Christian and Mark or his complex workout routine.

“Did you have a good game?” I asked him.

“Yeah I did. Can I ask you something?”


“Do you and Tyson work closely together?” He had a rather serious look on his face. I looked at him and almost wanted to laugh.

“Not really.  We work on the sales team and I help him process orders from time to time. But he mostly works in the shipping department.”

“I see,” his eyes still expressed doubt and reservation.

“I rarely interact with him at work because we work in different departments,” I replied honestly…it was the truth. Tyson rarely likes to socialize at work.

“Uh huh.” He then took another bite of his noodles. “Maybe I should come by often to make sure no one is stealing you away from me.”

“There’s nothing you need to be jealous about,” I said almost wanting to roll my eyes.

“Ok fine.” He kissed me. “I just get nervous when other men are around you.” I sighed. I found it annoying sometimes when Ben acts overprotective and defensive over me.

“You don’t have to worry about me. I can take care of myself,” I assured him firmly emphasizing that I am my own woman.

“Maybe I should not worry too much since you won’t be there too long anyways,” Ben said deciding to drop the issue. I wanted to say something, but decided to give him a small smile in response. We then continued to eat in a somewhat uncomfortable silence. Fortunately my beef-flavored pho tasted delicious enough to indulge without talking.

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