Gentleman…At The Top

Since that weekend, Tyson has been noticeably keeping his distance from me and acting more business formal at work. Even though he does not talk to me as much as it is, I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I’m dating Ben. I try to not to let it bother me and just think that he’s probably busy especially with his new position to government sales.  He is also probably behaving more business formal since the CEO of JLS Solutions is back in town.

I finally met Nick Byrne on Monday morning when I was sitting at the reception desk, getting ready to start the day. He has returned from promoting the company’s latest product in Vietnam and Japan.  Nick appears to be in his mid-50s with a fairly large upper body build. He is also bald with a grey bushy mustache and beard. He seemed nice when I met him for the first time, even thanked me for “taking care of us” at the front desk.

Unlike other CEOs of Fortune 500 companies who sit in their enclosed big offices all day, Nick appears to occasionally walk around and socialize with everyone at work. He definitely knows everyone’s name. But, I could not help but notice that he called every male worker, “bro”. Maybe he wants to build camaraderie around the office…I just find it a little strange. The male workers are clearly not bothered by it.  Despite his friendly character, employees do behave differently around Nick, especially Pippa.

Pippa particularly acted more business-like and reserved whenever Nick appeared, almost as if she was intimidated by him.  In fact, whenever Nick made a request regarding his computer, Pippa would drop whatever she’s doing (which is a growing list of multiple projects!) and respond to his requests.  I mean I get it that he is the boss, but Pippa could have told Nick that she has other priorities.

Other than Nick, Pippa acts more reserved around other people at JLS particularly those at the top. These people include Lee, the CFO and Antony, the Director of Client Services.  I have noticed whenever she comes out of meetings with them, she appears extra stressed and overwhelmed, not to mention a little defeated. I don’t understand why. Pippa is a strong woman. I thought she wouldn’t let anyone intimidate her.  For instance, Pippa definitely isn’t intimidated by Mr. Cogsworth or even Mrs. Potts despite their higher ranking positions.

Looks like it’s just another mystery of JLS, I need to uncover.

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