Butterfly Kisses

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. I just got back to Boston. JLS had given me the Christmas week off so I decided to go home to Carlsbad and spend Christmas with my dad. Other than getting to spend the holidays in 80 degree weather,  spending quality time with my dad and eating some good home cooking (and maybe some In’N’Out here and there) was definitely the TLC I needed.

During the evenings after dinner,  we would go for a  walk  and have  deep conversations along the beach with little Phillipe. We also took a drive up to Los Angeles to visit some close relatives and friends. My dad has always been my hero. Since my mom died, I have been amazed at how he has been able to cope and move on with his life and adapt to being a single father raising a teenager and working full time. He never remarried or dated after my mom despite me persuading him to. But he always reassured me, I’m all he needs. My dad was heartbroken when I told him I was moving to Boston. I felt guilty about leaving him alone but he fully supported my decision. My dad is just a little overprotective of his little girl. He was very sad that I could only stay for a week. But, I assured him that once I get my break in publishing, I will either pay for him to come visit me in Boston or we would go a long vacation together….a very long-term goal.

I’m also quite amazed at how healthy my dad is. He definitely looks younger for a 60 year old man. My dad found a group of friends he plays golf and organizes barbecues with every weekend. He goes for walks in the evening and wakes up early every morning even on the weekends. He does yard work and cleans up the house. When my mom was alive, she would nag him to drink water and eat his vegetables and fruits.  Guess those habits really stuck with him.

My dad is also my biggest confidant. He could sense the frustration at the fact that I haven’t found my dream job and am barely getting by with bills. Furthermore, he could tell that I have been stressed at how my boss micromanages me and critiques my every move.  But I told him, not all parts of my job are bad I like the fact that I am learning a lot from my co-workers and being put on different projects. He told me that during my career, I will constantly encounter tough people like Mrs. Potts who will tear me down.  He then told me to keep my head held high and stay true to my beliefs. My dad reassured me that these people are only testing me to see if I can work under pressure and demonstrate my talents and passion.

So I left my home with higher spirits and reenergized to go back to work.

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