How could Belle have said no to me? Who does she thinks she is? I thought I was her everything….literally. I am successful portfolio manager in a growing financial services company built by my father. I am well-dressed and smart..not to mention good looking. I am also physically fit and I work out twice a day 7 days a week.  Doesn’t she want to spend the rest of life with a man like me? And I can provide for her without worry in a world? Not to mention look good standing next to me in public?

On top of that, I already give her everything a woman could want. I take her out to fancy dinners, buy her jewelry and treat her to weekend trips to Nantucket. Girls would die to be her position. After four years of dating, this is how she repays me? Just because she wants to be a publisher?! NO ONE says no to Ben Gaston Adams!

Someone is clearly clouding her decision. And I am confident I know the prime suspect.

On Friday, I went to the Racquet Club where I am a very loyal member. Usually I play squash at 12 pm on Saturdays with my college friends. But today I felt like going at 5 pm on Friday after work, just to let off some steam and maybe seek a new opponent. I walked into the club and made a nod to the receptionist working there and went to change to my gym clothes. After exiting the locker room, I scoured the various courts until I finally spotted my latest archrival.

“Hello Tyson,” I said as I entered. He stood up from tying his shoes and turned around, clearly startled to see me.

“Oh hi Adam,” he greeted. He is so lanky and timid, why is she even attracted to him? I always knew he had his eye on her especially when I caught him twice for staring at her; once when she came to see me at the club and the other time when I came to JLS for a meeting.

“How about I challenge you a round before your partner comes?” I suggested twirling my racket.

“Sure,” he said not thinking much of it. We both put on our goggles and begin playing a few rounds.

“So how is work going?” I said as I served him a very hard ball against the wall. “I hear you got a promotion.”

“Yes I am involved with a lot of projects in recruiting new clients and preserving our partnerships on the Government Services side. It’s going really well. I have a really busy schedule but I feel like the company is recognizing and utilizing my skill set. And Belle is a wonderful asset in helping me with these projects.” My ears perked once he said her name.

“You call her Belle, not Bellamy? I thought you were more formal at JLS,” I commented.

“Yes. Everyone at work calls her, Belle. Our boss even calls her Belle,” he said rather defensively. He then hit the ball back.  “I really do value her talents. She is creative and thinks outside the box. Belle has wonderful writing and communication skills. “ I could read between the lines that there was something going on between them as he went on and on. “Belle is also very dedicated to her work and puts her full 100 percent.”

“Did you know that she and I broke up?” Suddenly Tyson stopped playing.

“No,” he said stiffly, his voice changing in tone. He’s clearly lying. “We keep personal lives outside the office walls.”

“Oh really? I thought you have become closer to her since you spend so many hours with her.”

“Yes but we have a strictly professional relationship.”  He hit the ball right back at me.

“So you never talk about anything other than work?” I said suspiciously.

“Correct. Belle is just co-worker.” I still wasn’t satisfied and wanted to push more. I was about to ask another question but saw his partner, Richie walk in. Saved by the bell!

“Hey Tyson, sorry I’m late. The T was unsually slow today,” Richie said.

“I’m glad you made it. Ben was just leaving,” Tyson gave me a look of death. Damn it! He got away this time.

“Good game, Tyson,” I shook his hand very firmly, declaring I will confront him another time.

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  1. jjaneswift says:

    Too good to be true … No, really!

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