Something There

Since that night, Tyson found a way to open himself up more to me. He and I have become good friends…okay we’re not BFFs…but we’re slowly getting there. As I have gotten to know Tyson , there’s something sweet and almost kind about him. But then, I still remember the times he was mean, course and unrefined. Now, he is a dear and sometimes when he acts unsure about something…it’s kind of cute. I wondered I didn’t see it there before.

He even offered to buy me lunch as a way to apologize for the last time. We got food from my favorite food truck,  Kian’s Kitchen where they served the best grilled chicken in the world.

I initially felt a little nervous that we might spend the whole lunch time in silence since it was the first time we were really alone. But, to my surprise, Tyson started making small talk,  asking me how my day was and how my experience was at JLS. He also asked me how my job search was going in the publishing field. I told him it was still going and I had applied to different publishing companies and went on informational interviews. To my surprise, Tyson appeared genuinely interested. He even asked me where do I see myself in five years and my past internship experiences. Tyson even offered to look at my resume and help me with my interview skills. I also got to know him a little better. I was amazed to learn that he worked several odd jobs between college and before starting at work at JLS. For example, his first job was grocer at Shaws. Then he briefly worked as a janitor in the Health Department in Middleborough, his hometown. He also coached a little league baseball team for three years. From hearing about all his past jobs and knowing that he works two jobs now, it made me appreciate his work ethic even more.

Fun Fact about him,   Tyson was part of a musical theatre club in college where he played a role  in a production of Beauty and Beast…as a pepper shaker (shocker…but kind of cute!)

Also, there would be times during the day where I caught him glancing my way in the office. Once, we were both reaching for the same document, our hands accidentally touched and I thought I felt some sort of spark….yes I know cheesy.

Before you think anything, no, there is no budding office romance. It can’t be. He’s my co-worker. From what I have read, office romances are a bad idea no matter how much Mike Ross and Rachel Zane tries to convince me they are not.

Office romances may seem exciting and fresh and innocent at first where it is constant flirting and surprising each other with gifts…the relationship could lead to unintended consequences. We could easily get distracted by each other and lose concentration at work. What if we broke up and the relationship ended badly? The situation would be so awkward to face each other at work on a regular basis.

Also, other employees would be suspicious especially people in the C-Suite would question the couple’s intentions when moving upwards job-wise. And, unfortunately, the girl always suffers from these relationships where she would most likely be fired or quit and find another job. Whereas the guy has opportunity to clean himself up and stay at the job and even get promoted.

No…I can’t afford to be distracted right now. I will just have ignore all signs of potential flirtation….

But then he’s never looked at me that way before.

I will have to admit this growing friendship (or relationship) is kind of new and alarming….I would never thought this could potentially be something serious.

True, Tyson  is no Prince Charming. But there’s something in him,  that I simply didn’t see.

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