Dirty Laundry


Another talented employee resigned from JLS today. This time it’s Duncan, the network manager who works with Pippa. His resignation was definitely a shock to the whole office.  Pippa sent a blast email to the entire company, announcing that he accepted a position at Suffolk University and she is hosting  a farewell get together at Foley’s.

Actually I found out much earlier when I was at the copy machine waiting for a printout of a subscription order. Okay I wasn’t snooping, I just happened to see a print out of an email from Duncan to Mrs. Potts with Pippa copied on it. The email contained a summary of his job and what he has done at JLS and the fact that he was resigning. I started to wonder why would he want to quit for another job other than a better salary with better benefits. He and Pippa get along so well and they are best friends. Then I found out the truth.

Duncan was working under Antony on several complex projects together for Antony ’s clients, Spearitt Digital. These projects was taking up a lot of Duncan’s time and putting all of Duncan and Pippa’s work on the back log. Pippa often found herself working alone. Initially, Duncan saw it as an opportunity to hopefully transfer into a new position with a possible promotion. He even took overtime to show his commitment.

However, when the projects got presented, Lee took all the credit and dominated the entire presentation and Duncan got nothing in return. That left a bad taste in Duncan’s mouth and he vowed never to work with Antony again. Unfortunately, because of Antony ’s superior position as Director of Client Services at JLS, he kept pressing Duncan to work on more projects. Duncan tried his hardest to push back and say no.

Consequently, Pippa would catch all the blame where Antony  would accuse her of keeping Duncan away and not sharing him with anyone. Pippa would hesitate and tell Duncan to work with Antony even if he didn’t want to. And it wasn’t just Antony, it was Lee the CFO and even Mr. Cogswirth at times. Duncan tried to report these incidents to Mrs. Potts, but she just swept the whole matter under the carpet.

I know. I was in shock when I heard all of this at the farewell get together. The stories clearly demonstrated   how cut throat the corporate environment is. Now I see why Pippa is stressed all the time and nervous especially around Lee and Antony and even Mr. Byrne.

Duncan wasn’t the only one employee to fall victim to these acts of bullying. Apparently similar incidences happened to both Kian and Jodi. They were both being overworked but not recognized or valued for their efforts or even get a bonus. Instead they have to deal with a bureaucratic system where the people in higher positions always got the credit.

These stories definitely made me question my future at JLS. On the one hand, I have made great friends and colleagues. I have learned a lot and I just found out there is an opening for a technical writer in the marketing department, which will be a great opportunity for me.

On the other hand, I have encountered several incidences of office bullying myself. Mrs. Potts still continues to criticize about my outfits. She also started making comments about my weight. There would be multiple times where she would say “Belle, you are so skinny.” At first I didn’t think much of it because I have high metabolism and I was used to hearing that and I did tell her about my high metabolism. But the comments kept coming and she would say it in a way as if accusing me of being anorexic or bulimic. Her words sounded like I purposely throw up my food to be skinny. Mind you, I LOVE to eat and eat A LOT. I just happen to burn a lot of calories when I walk.

And I personally knew a girl who had gone through such an eating disorder and the challenges she went through.  It was not something to comment on publicly.

Then there’s Nick Byrne, the CEO. He would call me “young lady” instead of my real name during several times I crossed paths with him. And he would say it in a tone of voice as if he was talking down to me or treating me as if I was one of his daughters. He does not call any other woman in the office by that name. Granted, I am the youngest at the company, but still, I would like to be respected and be called by my first name. I am a professional working adult.

All in all, I am starting to see how harsh JLS is and it’s making me question whether I want to be part of this company in the long run.

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