Still Friends

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Following the success of his presentation, Tyson convinced Jimmy and Mr. Cogswirth to put me on the project team for Government Services. Tyson thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to prove to the sales and marketing team that I am the best candidate for the technical writer position. He even would give me a high recommendation for the position if I did a great job on the project team.

Working on the project has been great so far. Tyson really pushes me to the next level like showing me how to utilize effective negotiation strategies when speaking with the business partners and future clients. He also challenges me to think about the big picture on how we can achieve long term results with the products and services we can offer to Government services. Moreover, our camaraderie actually made the project enjoyable.

Since that night at the library, Tyson and I have become closer both professionally and personally. Beyond work, we would go out for lunch or even hang out after work and get drinks. We are still just friends though. I will admit that I did feel something when we hugged in the Boston Public Library. Also, him giving me the key to my own room in the Library was a very kind and sweet meaningful gesture. But I know my boundaries.

Besides, Tyson has moved on and started dating again since his break-up. I know this because he’s been coming to me for “girl” advice. I’ve even run into him in various city spots on a date with a girl on the weekends. Honestly, I’m happy for him.

Mrs. Potts, however, does not buy the idea that we are just friends. She has been eying us critically whenever we are together. She has even gone as far as scheduling and approving Tyson’s work travel out of state for significant long periods of time. So he would be as far away from me as possible.

But her control even has their limits. Since Tyson put me on all his projects with Mr. Cogswirth’s approval, I still had to report to him and follow up with one-on-one meetings. We also text each other and talk on the phone when Tyson is away.

I sometimes wonder if Mrs. Potts would have treated us differently and not care as much if I was guy or Tyson was a girl. Or if we were older than 30 and married to other people? She should just trust us and back off. And stop with the micro-managing.

If she thinks Tyson has become a distraction to me, Mrs. Potts is extremely wrong. I still prioritize on my work at the front desk and still process the subscriptions that have come in. I have a good sense of time management in allocating my time between managing the office, working on marketing plans leading up to the users’ conference and working on Tyson’s projects. I have paid extra close attention to details and have met the deadlines.

The people I work with appreciate the fact that I’m reliable and the results I’ve produced. They also constantly tell me I’m doing a good job. Why can’t she recognize my work record rather than if I’m flirting with a co-worker?

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