A Girl I Once Knew

I know it’s been a while since I last updated. Tyson’s new project and the upcoming users conference has been keeping me busy. On top of that, I have been actively job searching and  going on interviews. My own private office in the Boston Public Library has definitely increased  my productivity.

As for the person who gave me that special spot, he has been spending three weeks in DC on business, much to Mrs. Potts’ satisfaction. Not that I am upset or feel lonely that he was not around. I had other friends and co-workers to hang out with. Plus my days were filled with emails, processing ongoing subscriptions and managing the office.

I did, however, discover a very dark secret about JLS while he was gone.

I ran into Jodi recently while shopping at the farmer’s market with Phillipe. She really loves her new job and the fact that she has her own office. Jodi is actually more relaxed because she can just go to work at a set schedule and leave work at work. She is also the prime decision maker of various projects and manages her own team. Jodi even found time to go on vacation with her husband. Most importantly, the company sincerely values her hard work and her professional skills.

I am very happy for her. I also shared with her my good news that Tyson recently convinced Mr. Cogswirth to put me on a government sales project to further expand my skills and it’s been a great learning experience. I even told her that I have been thinking about applying for the technical writer position.

Jodi’s response, however, was not exactly positive and actually threw me off the loop. She asked me why I was still at JLS when I should leave and find another job?  I said I have been job searching in publishing companies. But, I want to keep JLS as one of my options. Jodi then warned me that I should leave when I can on my own terms and not end up like the others.

I then confronted her, to tell me what happened to the other receptionists.

Jodi told me that there were a number of receptionists that JLS went through, each one lasting less than two years. I reasoned maybe they had good reasons like going back to school or found their dream job with better pay. She said some were like that. However, most receptionists left because Mrs. Potts fired them. Jodi further revealed that Mrs. Potts would tell these receptionists, they were let go legally for one reason; but, they were really let go for another reason.

For example, one receptionist was let go because Mrs. Potts felt the receptionist could not keep up with the work load. But she was really fired because Mrs. Potts did not like her outfits. The receptionist that came after only stayed for 5 months because Mrs. Potts did not like their attempt to change certain tactics on how they process the monthly subscriptions. Another receptionist left because she could not stand Mrs. Potts’ micro-managing and bullying.  However, one particular receptionist had it worse.

This receptionist, for anonymity, we will name her, Kerry. She worked for JLS for less than a year, coming straight out of college with a business degree. Kerry was very friendly and quite a people person. She was a hard worker who paid attention to deadlines. She was quite ambitious, who hoped to get a sales representative position at JLS. Kerry was particularly close to another employee, though Jodi would not say his name. This employee had a position higher than Kerry and was quite influential with the C-Suite.

Kerry spoke about her interest for moving to the sales representative position to this employee. He assured her that as long as she works hard and prove to him, particularly, that she deserves the position, he would put in a good word with Mrs. Potts and Mr. Cogswirth. So Kerry worked really hard and focused her energy particularly on projects with this employee. They got very close yet he had not kept his promise, despite the fact that Kerry put extra hours on his projects. She even did him small favors like get him lunch for his business meetings. People around the office started to talk and speculate about their potential relationship since they were spending a lot of time together. Kerry could not take it any longer.

One night, Kerry pushed this employee to uphold his promise. This employee, acting very conniving, persuaded Kerry that if she slept with him, he would make sure that she got the sales representative position. She was hesitant, at first, thinking maybe she should keep her distance and earn the position the right way fair and square. However, Kerry was desperate financially and naïve.

As a result, this guy’s manipulation got Kerry to have a one night-stand with him. Unfortunately, Kerry did not get the sales representative position. Instead, this employee ousted Kerry to other employees for flirting with him and seducing him to get the position. When it was really him! Because he had such a strong influence in the company, people started treating Kerry differently and made harsh whispers around her.

Kerry felt extremely isolated in the intense environment. Kerry tried to maintain her reputation and dispel the false accusations made against her, but she was powerless. In the end, she resigned.

Her story made me realize why Mrs. Potts acts so suspicious and critical when I’m around Tyson. She does not want me to end up like Kerry or hope I’m not another Kerry. I definitely am not!

But it made me wonder who is that manipulative employee? Could it be Tyson? Is that why he acted cold when I first started? But now he has warmed up to me and we are working together. I did mention to him that I want to be a technical writer. He even said he would provide a recommendation and has been giving me more projects to do under him. We have been spending a long time together. We even came close to..

No it couldn’t be.

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