Let the Rain Fall Down

Once Tyson returned from DC, I decided to keep my distance from him until I find out what happened to the previous receptionist. When I did meet with Tyson, I tried to act more business formal and straight forward. I also scheduled all my lunch breaks when he would be tied up in a meeting.

So far, I’ve narrowed the suspects down to people at the top like Lee the CFO, Mr. Cogswirth, Antony the Director of Client Services, Mr. Forte the VP of International Sales…and Tyson. I know it sounds bias but I know it can’t be anybody in my lunch group because I think they are pretty wholesome people who won’t ever commit such a betrayal like that.  I have tried my best to ask around indirectly about Kerry without making myself suspicious. However, most of the answers I get were pretty vague and general. Such as most receptionists, before me, left for other jobs or moved out of the state. They were nice. When I did ask about Kerry, more directly, most people, even Pippa, said she was a sweet but quiet and kept to herself.

I was about to give up until one stormy night in Boston.

Boston experienced unusually bad weather in March  as I was about to leave work. Extremely windy. Heavy rain pouring down.  Just one of those days that I didn’t bring my umbrella. Sigh.

Out of the corner of my eye, Tyson walked up to me as I was putting on my coat.

“Hey, I am meeting a friend in Somerville. How about I give you a ride?” I hesitated.

“It’s okay, I can take the T and the bus.”

“No I insist,” he persisted. “Besides the weather is really crummy.” I briefly looked outside and the rain pounded hard against the window. Ok. Beats getting my feet wet. I picked up my purse and followed Tyson to the garage.

“Sure.” The traffic was moving at a slow but steady pace for rush hour as we got onto the high way. The rain continued to pour with heavy clouds covering the sky.

The ride to my apartment was mostly silent…okay I was the one mostly silent. Tyson spent the whole time talking about his trip to DC and the business partnerships he gained there. I just nodded and said uh huh. Truthfully, I am proud and happy for him. I kept looking out the window, avoiding any eye contact with the driver. Tyson could sense my distance, but kept on talking.

“Well here we are,” Tyson pulled up in front of my apartment building.

“Thank you for the ride,” I said finally looking at him. Personally I was glad that I avoided getting soaked.

“You have been ignoring me,” Tyson said touching my hand, not letting me leave quite yet.

“No I haven’t,” I lied. Tyson could see right through me.

“Yeah you have. Now I want to know why,” he said searching my face. I looked down at my feet.

“Cause I don’t want be another Kerry!” I blurted out. Tyson just stared at me, dumbfounded.

“You know about Kerry,” he finally asked. I looked up.

“Yes. Jodi told me everything.”

“Did Jodi tell you, the name of person at JLS who betrayed Kerry?” I shook my head. “It was Nick Byrne.” My eyes widened.

“But isn’t he the CEO? Doesn’t he have a wife and daughter?” Tyson nodded silently.

“I learned the whole story when Mrs. Potts asked me to help Kerry clear her desk. She was obviously on the verge of tears. I felt bad for Kerry because she was such a kind person.”

“Did you tell Mrs. Potts her side of the story?” Tyson shook his head.

“I had just started that year working in the mailroom. I felt powerless considering the position I was in. Besides even if I did tell Mrs. Potts, she would either not believe me or throw it under rug like what had happened to Duncan.”

I sat there in shock, realizing the unfair environment of JLS. But, then a part of me felt relieved that the man that betrayed Kerry wasn’t Tyson.

“Don’t worry. I’m gonna let you end up like her,” Tyson said softly. When I looked at him, I suddenly felt safe and I could trust him.

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