First Date

A few days later, Tyson took me on our first official date as a couple. Our first date was quite tumultuous in a good way.  The date was casual. He wore a collared white shirt with a red sweater and jeans and sneakers. I wore a yellow striped dress with sandals.

We picnicked in the Boston Public Garden on a Saturday afternoon.Tyson bought us sandwiches, cheeses and grapes and a bottle of wine from Delucca’s Market. It was a warm sunny day. The flowers were in full bloom. The park was not too crowded so we had enough privacy. We picked a nice spot where we could watch the ducks floating in the pond. We spread the food out and sat down on the blanket with my back laid against his chest.

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We mutually avoided any conversations about JLS. Instead we talked about our individual goals. I talked about how I want to eventually write and publish a book and how he wants to eventually start his own business running a fitness center. We talked about things we want to do on our bucket list like ride elephants or swim with dolphins and where we wanted to travel. He told me about his recent trip to Florida to go see some football game with his friends.  I found the more I talked to him and got to know him, the more I liked him. Also the fact that he listens to me.

Photo of swans in Boston's Public Garden


We were enjoying a lovely peaceful picnic with me feeding a few grapes into Tyson’s mouth. All of a sudden, we both felt drops of water falling on our heads and shoulders. We suddenly realize rain started to pour and it was coming down hard. We immediately packed up and ran underneath one of the trees with low branches large enough to shelter us from the rain. Noticing my clothes were completely drenched, Tyson wrapped his jacket around me. I started giggling.

“What is it?” Tyson asked looking confused.

“It’s just whenever it rains, something happens between us. Like that rainy night when you came to my apartment and broke out of your shell and apologized and we became friends.”

“Oh yeah,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. I wiped off some spouts of water from his face with my hand. He then took off my hand and kissed it softly, making my heart skip a beat. Tyson soon pulled me closer to him and he leaned down towards me and we kissed.  And I don’t want to sound cheesy. But when we kissed, I felt some sense of electric spark and passion between us. At the same time, the kiss was gentle, soft and warm like a fuzzy comfortable sweater. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we continued to kiss, not minding the rain falling all around us. We eventually pulled away and he brushed aside strands of my hair off my cheek, leaving me breathless.

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