Mr.Knighley and Ms. Woods: The Two of Us

No one in the office knows that we are an official couple. Ok. Only Pippa but she swore not to tell. She has expressed her concern  on how long we would carry this secret.

Tyson and I  wanted our work lives to remain as normal as possible as if nothing has changed and not draw any suspicion. We still kept the same routine as before. Tyson arrived and left an hour before me at the end of the business day. We mutually decided not to collaborate on any projects. We also agreed to avoid each other during the 8 hour work day (even making eye contact).   If we were spending lunch together, one of us would leave at least 5 minutes before the other. Or we would invite someone else to come with us. We also made sure we weren’t seen alone in a room together.  We even started acting   more formal towards each other during the work day:  addressing each other as Mr.Knighley and  Ms. Woods. I know that sounds a little too much!

We occasionally did meet for breakfast or he would buy me coffee before work and we’d walk together to the office, holding hands. However, Tyson would break off and enter the building first in the back and I would enter the building a few minutes after in the front main entrance. Although this arrangement presented tough challenges at first, but we completely understood that JLS is a professional organization with managers enforcing strict employee guidelines (sometimes a bit micro-managing) and the organization plays an important role in our careers. The office is also filled with prying eyes that may pick up on anything that suspiciously slips up. We can focus on our relationship after 5 pm in our own personal time.

We have gone on several dates since the first date…and kiss. We ate brunch together on the weekends before he starts his job at the fitness center or dinner after he gets off work. We watched movies and grabbed ice cream after. He took me to the fair at Topsfield which was the first time I’ve ever been. We went bowling which I’m happy to say I beat him because he really sucked at bowling. And I don’t think he was trying to lose on purpose.

We would spend the night in my apartment with Phillipe and watch Netflix. We’re taking things slowly dating and it’s been pretty normal despite the fact that we work in the same office. Not to mention fun!

I have met his friends. He has met my friends. We even went on a double date with Holly and her boyfriend, Bradley. I am happy to announce that both Danni and Holly approve of Tyson.  They tell me that they have never seen me so happy. When I talk to them about Tyson, I have this glow in my eyes and a big smile on my face. Most importantly,  they are happy for me and point out that Tyson definitely treats me better.

And his actions definitely show it. He calls me in the morning to wish me good morning and calls me in the night to wish me good night. Sometimes, after a long day at work, Tyson would come to my apartment and massage my feet while we ordered take out. He listens to my frustrations I have been having at work particularly with Mrs. Potts and the pressures I face especially with the upcoming users’ conference. Tyson is still very encouraging of me pursuing my publishing career like before. He checks on me on whether I have completed my job applications and was even willing to reschedule our lunch date so I can coordinate my interviews. One time, I had a stressful day at work with both Mrs. Potts and Mr. Byrne breathing down my neck with their demands.  Tyson secretly cheered me up by leaving a vase of roses on my desk in the morning along with a comforting note of encouragement. He definitely raises me up to all that I can be.

More importantly, Tyson makes me feel safe. Not that I have never been able to stand on my own two feet, but I feel protected when I’m with Tyson. I feel secured when he holds my hand when we walk down the street especially late at night. Or when he would walk me to my door and make sure I was safely inside my apartment. When he is in the room especially at JLS, I feel like I have some sort of safety net to fall back on knowing he is there.

However, no one is perfect. Tyson has little flaws like talking with his mouth full of food. He also eats food very loudly especially soup and it ends up more on table then the mouth. He sometimes forgets to put the toilet seat down. At times, Tyson also doesn’t know when to stop working . Sometimes he would be checking his laptop while we would  be watching the movie in my apartment.  He would be  talking non-stop to a business partner while we are on a date until I tell him to get off. I admire his ambition but sometimes he needs to remember to relax and shut off the work phone.

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