It’s The Things You Do


A few hours later, I woke up to the strong aroma of scrambled eggs and coffee. The sun was seeping through the open window, followed by a light breeze. I could hear ESPN on my TV running in the background. I rolled over and noticed Tyson not lying next to me, yet his cologne still remains. I stretched my arms and gave a big yawn.

“Good morning,” I gazed up to see Tyson walking in, carrying a tray with a rose in a tiny vase I might add. Phillipe trotted behind him.

“You cooked breakfast?” I exclaimed as he set the tray on my lap. I could tell he had showered by the scent of my shampoo and soap. Tyson was still wearing the same clothes from last night.  But appeared as handsome as ever.

“The least I could do after last night’s reconciliation and you allowing me to spend the night,” he smiled. Hmm maybe I could get used to this.  I gazed around the room. He also took the liberty to clean my windows and mop my floors.  How much sleep did he get?

“I  took Phillipe out for a morning jog so his exercise is covered till evening. He is already fed.” I just stared at him in amazement as he picked Phillipe up from the floor and held him like a baby.  Since Tyson and I started dating, he and Phillipe have formed a special friendship. I never witnessed Phillipe warming up to someone so easily. He is always excited when Tyson comes over. Tyson takes Phillipe occasionally on walks to the park. They play catch. Tyson picks him up from doggy daycare. He even takes Phillipe to the  Vet.

“You’re sweet.” And Tyson is not that terrible of a cook. Bacon was crispy. Toast was properly buttered. Eggs were fluffy and well-cooked. The coffee had the perfect balance between milk and sugar. The orange juice was fresh. He definitely picked up some cooking techniques from his mother.  As I  started  eating, I caught Tyson staring at me.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

“I ate after I returned from jogging.” He smiled as he placed Phillipe back down on the floor to play with his chew toy. I continued eating. When I looked up again, Tyson was still smiling.

“What is it?”

“Nothing. You’re beautiful.” I gave  him a weird look, not knowing what he’s talking about. I had just woken up.  My breath probably smells. I’m not wearing my contacts. I wore no make-up. As if he was reading my mind, “You have natural beauty.” My mouth dropped. “What?” he asked confused.

“It’s just no one has ever said that to me before,” I answered feeling flattered. He kissed my hand.

“It’s the truth.”

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