It’s Not Time To Make A Change

Tyson finally decided to reconcile with his father on a neutral ground: Dinner with his father and his new wife at a restaurant.

So he would not have to endure this challenge alone, Tyson invited me to tag along for moral support. Honestly, I didn’t realize how serious this meeting was until I met Tyson and his father and his wife at Babbo’s in the seaport district. Fortunately I picked the right day to wear my new black dress with my new pumps.

Upon entering, I spotted the group sitting in a corner booth.

“Hi Tyson,” I greeted.

“Hello Belle,” he kissed me on the cheek. By the expression on his face, he was relieved that I finally arrived. “You are beautiful,” he whispered in my ear. I smiled in response. We then turned his attention to the couple facing us. “Belle, this is my father, Bruce and…his wife, Julia.”

“Nice to meet you,” I shook hands with both off them before sitting on the opposite side of the table.

“So Belle, Tyson informs us that you met each other at the fitness center where he works,” Bruce commented. I glanced at Tyson with a raised eyebrow. He gave me a signal as if hinting that is the story we are telling.

“We did,” I turned back to face Bruce.

“He also says you came here for school and you are pursuing a publishing career,” Bruce continued.

“That is correct,” I answered as I took a sip of my water.

“A tough industry to pursue nowadays,” Bruce responded in a rather cynical tone leaving me at a stutter for words.  Granted I have heard that response every time I tell someone, I still do not know how to counter their skepticisms. Sometimes it makes me question why I’m continuing on this career path even though it feels like I’m heading nowhere.

“That is true. But I also told my father that you are genuinely serious about placing your mark in publishing. You have been interviewing, job shadowing and applying to various positions at prestigious publishing firms in Boston. You also graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emerson College. You interned for the Huffington Post and Random House.  In addition, your current boss has given you, opportunities to build your marketing and communication skills,” Tyson added, saving me from defeat.

“That’s right. I just had a phone interview with OWS Publishers. They are the top publishing company in Boston, “ I answered now feeling confident.

“I see. Well good luck.” I turned back to Tyson and mouthed “Thank you”.

Fortunately, the conversation redirected towards Tyson. Tyson discussed his job at JLS including his upcoming business trip to DC. Bruce was clearly impressed, as he should be, on how far Tyson has progressed on his career and professional life.


During dinner, I could not help but notice that Tyson bears a strong resemblance to Bruce, especially the eyes, nose and mouth. Even the way they sit and cross their arms.

Julia appeared to be at least 10 years younger than Bruce. She had loose blonde curly hair with blue eyes. I could not help but notice that she clearly got something done, with her boobs unnaturally bulging out. I tried to concentrate on the conversation to avoid staring at Julia’s figure. Is she the same woman whom Tyson walked in on in his father’s office? She clearly must have had some powerful influence to convince Bruce to cheat on his ex-wife.

Julia and Bruce currently live in a Roslindale. Bruce works in technical consulting while Julia stays home with their two children.   They spend summer vacations in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Julia is treasurer at the Parent-Teacher Association at the kids’ school and runs the school carpool. Bruce coaches their son’s hockey team. Despite the affair, they are a pretty normal suburban family.

The evening was flowing smoothly until…

“So Belle, what was your first impression of Tyson when you first met him?” Bruce asked.

“Well, I actually didn’t like him at first,” I answered honestly. “But once I got to know him, his true colors shined through such as his incredible work ethic, thoughtfulness, and loyalty.” Tyson smiled at me and squeezed my hand under the table. “One time he waited outside a building where I was having my interview. When I exited the building, there he was with a huge bouquet of roses.”

“He must have gotten it from his old man,” Bruce chuckled, which made Tyson to stiffen a little.

“Actually,” I said turning to face Bruce. “I believe he inherited all those wonderful traits from his mom. His mom has done a remarkable job raising him and teaching him important values.”

“I see,” Bruce’s face suddenly turned cold. The evening soon became sour. The conversation stopped just as the food arrived. We started eating in the most awkward silence. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. The tension became so thick you could cut it with the steak knife.

Fortunately, the dinner ended early as their children had soccer practice the next morning. After parting ways and saying goodbyes, Tyson drove me home.

“That went well,” he finally spoke as we reached the front door of my apartment building.

“I’m sorry,” I squeezed his hand and gazed up at him.

“What are you sorry about?”

“I insulted your father when I know you are trying to reconcile with him.”

“You didn’t insult him. You were just expressing the truth. And I thank you for that. Besides I would have blurted out something if you didn’t.”

“Really?” I suddenly felt relieved.

“Yes and that’s what I admire about you. You are not afraid to voice your opinions.” He kissed my hand. “And I’m happy you came to dinner tonight. To be honest, I was feeling terribly uncomfortable facing the two of them. Before you entered, the conversation felt very business-like and stuffy.”

“So was Julia..the woman who..”

“Yes she was,” Tyson cut me off. “That’s what made it even more uncomfortable, which is why I’m so glad you rescued me.” He kissed my cheek.

“Will you ever reconcile with your father?”

“Eventually, just not right now. And most likely when she is not around,” Tyson expressed in a low voice. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I smiled giving him a kiss. “Do you want to come in…and stay the night?” His eyes lit up.

“Sure.”  He got out of the car and opened the door for me before we headed inside, with my hand in his back pocket

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